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Speedfactory Racing Billet Bellhousing For Honda B Series Transmissions

Speedfactory Racings Billet Bellhousing For Honda B Series Transmissions

As Hondas continue to make more and more power, many OEM components are not up for the task. We all know the common trend of investing time and money into your engine, but it’s important to not over look your transmission components as well.

When looking at upgrades for your transmission, you’d likely start with an LSD (Limited Slip Differential) and maybe even an aftermarket gearset. But what happens once you have those parts and are ready to install them? You might find yourself in a spot where now you have strengthened your transmission internals, but not the housing where these parts will live in.

The OEM bellhousing is cast aluminum and made with cost in mind rather than max effort strength. While the OEM bellhousing does well at a factory level, and can even live with some increases in power, we start to see them fail at roughly 7-800 HP, depending on applications.

As you increase power in the engine, the demand on the transmission also increases. The two transmission shafts will being to push apart and want to separate, causing a multitude of issues. Gear manufacturers have developed “cuffs” to keep the top of the two gear shafts together, but that still allows for movement at the base of the shafts. That lower movement cracks the OEM housing between the bearing location for both the transmission shafts.

Not only would this cause damage to your transmission internals, but it also puts your safety at risk by having fluid rapidly leaking out from under your car.

Speedfactory has developed this CNC machined bell housing in 6061 T6 billet aluminum to achieve as much strength and durability as possible. This bell housing weighs in at 7.6lbs heavier than the OEM housing, and that extra weight can be found in problematic areas like between where the two gear stack bearings sit, eliminating the cracked housing issue.

Aside from being a stronger and more durable piece than it’s OEM counterpart, Speedfactory has taken this design a step further and also incorporated added benefits :

  • Built-in housing separation feature (makes splitting the cases for servicing a breeze using an existing case bolt)
  • Modified countershaft bearing retention plate location (clears larger diameter aftermarket countershaft teeth while retaining OEM plate and locking tab with no need for any grinding or modification)
  • Clears both GSR/ITR and B16/LS fitment LSD’s
  • Built-in axle seal stop (for easy & precise depth control during installation)
  • Retains OEM oil control features missing in other offerings
  • Utilizes x3 M6x1.0 shoulder bolts for precise SCHA location

When upgrading to this housing, or doing any other modifications to your transmission, you should follow OEM shimming specifications and it is highly recommended this be done by a reputable transmission specialist.

If you’re in the market for one of these bell housings, or other parts for your race car project, one of our Build Advisors would be happy to get you taken care of. 


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