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Thrust Washers

You only need to use a thrust washer if your 7-Bolt 4g63 is from an Evo 4+ or if your 1997 2G DSM came with a main bearing that did not have an integrated thrust washer. 1997 was a split year for the 4G63 engine. Engines made in the first half of 1997 had thrust washers integrated into their main bearings, while engines made in the second half of 1997 use a separate main bearing and thrust washer.

  • 1993.5-1997.5 1G & 2G DSM, Evo 1-4 : Integrated thrust washer on main bearing
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  • 1997.5+ 2G DSM & Evo 4-9 : Separate thrust washer and main bearing
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